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Traveller's Care provides for your holiday and business travel insurance needs. Providing up to £5,000,000 of medical expenses and including cover for skiing and scuba diving it is, we believe, unbeatable cover at an affordable price.

What is covered with Travellers Care?

Note: Travellers Care is only available to UK residents.

Legal Expenses
SectionCoverSum InsuredExcess
AMedical and other expenses
Hospital confinement benefit
BLoss of deposit
Cancellation or curtailment
CPersonal accident£15,000Nil
DTravel delay
Missed departure
EPersonal possessions
Money (cash £250)
Lost passport
Delayed luggage
FPersonal liability£2,000,000Nil
HHijack benefit£500Nil
IWithdrawal of services£600Nil
KMugging benefit£250Nil


0 - 55Single£5.98£66.69
Single Parent Family£8.94£99.83
55 - 74Single£10.14£113.22
Single Parent Family£15.20£169.62

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Family Cover: Where cover has been arranged on a family basis children are only eligible to be insured when travelling with an insured parent. If you want cover for children to travel independently of you, they must be covered at the full adult rate.

A: Covers medical expenses necessarily incurred outside the United Kingdom following illness or injury occurring during the holiday including the cost of additional travel and accommodation charges plus the cost of repatriating the insured's remains in the event of death. In addition a daily benefit of £20 is payable whilst the insured is an in-patient in a hospital abroad.

B: Covers charges made if the holiday is cancelled prior to departure, or provides a proportional refund of holiday costs (calculated from date of return) if the holiday is curtailed. Cover is provided for medical reasons only.

C: Payable as a result of accidental bodily injury to the insured.
Benefits are:-
Death - £10,000 (£1,500 if under 16 years of age or over 65 years)
Loss of one or more limbs or sight in one or both eyes or permanent total disablement - £15,000. (not available to persons over 65 years).

D: If departure is delayed by 12 hours or more (due top specified reasons only) a benefit per 12 hours of delay is payable, or a holiday cost refund under section A is payable if the holiday is abandoned after the first 12 hours of delay. Missed departure covers the necessary additional travel costs incurred as a result of failure of the public transport services or an accident to or breakdown of a vehicle in which you are travelling to the departure airport.

E: Loss or damage to personal belongings. Single item limit is £250, valuables (as defined) limited to £200 in total. Money (as defined) includes traveller's cheques and tickets. Loss of cash is limited to £250.

F: Legal liability for accidental bodily injury to any person not employed by the insured or loss or damage to property not belonging to nor in the charge of the insured.

G: Legal cosst and expenses incurred by the insured in pursuing compensation arising from the death or personal injury during the period of insurance.

H: A benefit of £50 per 24 hours in the event the aircraft or ship in which you are travelling is hijacked.

I: Benefit of £50 per complete 24 hours for loss of services at your trip accommodation.

J: We will pay you up to £500 for additional accommodation expenses in the event that you are forced to move from your pre-booked accommodation as a result of a catastrophe such as fire, lightning, earthquake, hurricane, etc.

K: We will pay you a benefit of £50 per complete 25 hours you are hospitalised in the event that you are the victim of a mugging attack.

What to do in the event of a serious medical emergency

You will find in the insurance certificate full details of your 24 hour Medical Emergency Service. In the event of a serious medical situation whilst on holiday, you must contact the 24 hour service on the numbers provided. Out-patient treatment should be paid locally and claimed on your return to the United Kingdom. Should you need to curtail your holiday for any reason, you must seek prior authorisation from the 24 hour emergency services who will assist you with all arrangements.

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Travel Insurance - important notice

Under the Association of British Insurers General Business Code of Practice, your attention is drawn to important features of your policy including:

Insurance Certificate: You should read the certificate and document carefully. It gives you full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of cover.

Conditions, Exclusions & Warranties: Conditions and exclusions will apply to individual sections of your policy while general exclusions, conditions and warranties will apply to the whole of your policy.

Health/Pre-existing medical conditions: For any chronic or serious or ongoing medical condition for which you have received treatment or have been a hospital in-patient during the twelve month period immediately preceeding the date of issue of your insurance certificate, or where you are on a hospital waiting list for in-patient treatment you must submit a written medical report to us prior to effecting this insurance. Cover for these conditions will only be provided following insurer's acceptance. Claims arising from pregnancy where the period of the holiday terminates less than two months before the due date of delivery are excluded.
For advice and a copy of the medical report form, please contact us.
N.B. You are responsible for all costs incurred in submitting the form to us.
In addition, any circumstances known to you either prior to or after effecting the insurance which give rise to a cancellation or curtailment claim must be made known to us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may invalidate your claim.

Hazardous Pursuits, Dangerous Sports or Pastimes: If you are going to take part in dangerous activities, sports or pastimes where there is a risk of injury, or can be expected to aggravate an existing infirmity, other than winter sports of scuba diving (for which cover is provided for both), please contact Universal Provident to check that your policy covers you.

Policy Limits: Most sections of your policy have limits on the amount the insurer will pay under that section. Some sections also include other specific limits, such as: for any one item or for valuables in total. You are advised to check your insurance certificate if you intend taking expensive items with you. Items such as camcorders and all other items over £250 should be fully insured under your household policy.

Policy Excesses: Under most sections of your policy, claims will be subject to an excess. This means that you will be responsible for paying the first part of the claim. The amount you have to pay is called the excess.

Reasonable Care: You need to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property, as you would if you were not insured.

Complaints: Your insurance certificate contains a Complaints Procedure which tells you what steps you can take if you wish to make a complaint.

"Cooling Off" Period: Your insurance certificate contains a "cooling off" period of 14 days from receipt of documentation. Provided that no claim has been made within this time, any payments will be refunded in full.

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