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Primecare Super Saver: Policy details

Hospital charges & medical fees Therapy fees In patient cancer treat ment In patient psych iatric treat ment Consult ation before hospital stay Consult ation after hospital stay Out patient physio therapy Out patient cancer treat ment Out patient psych iatric treat ment Minor surgery by a GP Parent accomm odation Private ambul ance Home nursing NHS cash benefit Maternity benefit World wide emerg ency cover
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In-patient and day-patient treatment
Nationwide network of hospitals 
  • Choice of a nationwide hospital list or choose the hospital network list and reduce the premium by 15%
  • An upgrade option is available for additional specialist hospitals in London
  • Choose the hospital band or district area which is most appropriate for you and or your family to ensure you do not pay more than necessary
Hospital chargesFull refund
  • Day-patient hospital accommodation charges
  • In-patient hospital accommodation charges
  • Operating theatre charges including surgical dressings and drugs
  • Surgical appliances needed as a vital part of an operation
Medical or surgery feesFull refund
  • Surgeons and anaesthetists fees
  • Surgical procedures performed on an in-patient or day care basis
  • Nursing care
Therapy fees e.g physiotherapyFull refund
  • Diagnostic procedures which include pathology, radiology, CT and MRI scans
  • In-patient and day-patient physiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
In patient cancer treatment e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapyFull refund
  • In-patient and day-patient radiotherapy and chemotherapy charges in full

Out-patient treatment
Consultation before a hospital stayFull refund
  • Physicians' fees and specialist consultations up to 100 per policy year
Consultation after a hospital stayFull refund
  • Specialist consultation must follow related in-patient treatment
Out patient physiotherapyAnnual limit: £250
  • In-patient, day-patient physiotherapy fees in full
  • Out-patient treatment must follow related in-patient or day care treatment within 6 months
Out patient radiotherapy/ chemotherapyFull refund
  • Diagnostic procedures which include pathology, radiology, CT and MRI scans
  • In-/out-patient treatment including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, computerised tomography and MRI scans in full

Additional benefits
Parent accommodation if child needs an overnight stayFull refund
  • The hospital's charges where it is medically necessary for a parent to accompany a child under 14 in hospital
Private AmbulanceFull refund
  • Private ambulance where medically necessary during the course of treatment
Cash benefit if treated by the NHSAnnual limit: £2,000
  • Cash benefit when you are treated in a public ward under the NHS (and not as a private patient)
  • These benefits are only paid for overnight stays
Cover available for existing conditions 
  • After 2 years of continuous cover from the cover start date, all pre-existing conditions may become eligible for benefit
  • Minimum of 2 years to elapse and no medical advice or treatment has been given or advised by a specialist
  • Under no circumstances forego any medical treatment for the pre-existing condition as advised by a specialist
Specialist consultations and diagnostics such as pathology and radiologyFull refund
  • Full cover in-patient and day-patient treatment
  • Out-patient treatment full cover but must follow in-patient or day care cover received within the last 6 months
  • Children are covered providing they remain un-married
  • Single premium of eldest child covers all other children
  • Children covered until age 21
Overall Policy Limit 
  • No overall limit to claims except where particular benefits have maximum levels applied
  • Low Cost Options Cover (when not already included) - 1. Dental Expenses, 2. Hospital Cash, 3. Personal Accident, 4. Critical Illness, all available from Standard Life

Please note: even when expressed as a full refund, all costs must be necessarily incurred and benefit will be paid in accordance with the reasonable and customary fees for the treatment received.

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