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Hospital charges & medical fees Therapy fees In patient cancer treat ment In patient psych iatric treat ment Consult ation before hospital stay Consult ation after hospital stay Out patient physio therapy Out patient cancer treat ment Out patient psych iatric treat ment Minor surgery by a GP Parent accomm odation Private ambul ance Home nursing NHS cash benefit Maternity benefit World wide emerg ency cover
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In-patient and day-patient treatment
Nationwide network of hospitals 
  • Nationwide network of hospitals
Hospital chargesFull refund
  • Day-patient hospital accommodation charges
  • In-patient hospital accommodation charges
  • Operating theatre charges including surgical dressings and drugs
  • Surgical appliances needed as a vital part of an operation
  • All hospital fees if the hospital is listed by your policy (Refunds in accordance with reasonable and customary fees for treatment)
  • Prostheses and appliances (artificial body parts - eg. hip replacement) when implanted as an integral part of a surgical procedure
  • Intensive care, nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings
Medical or surgery feesFull refund
  • Surgeons and anaesthetists fees
  • Surgical procedures performed on an in-patient or day care basis
  • Nursing care
  • After a specialist advises a hospital stay for treatment, individuals have the choice to go private or receive treatment under the NHS and get money back (see NHS Cash payments)
Therapy fees e.g physiotherapyFull refund
  • In-patient pathology, physiotherapy and diagnostic procedures. Applies equally to day-patient treatment
  • Diagnostic procedures which include pathology, radiology, CT and MRI scans
  • In-patient and day-patient physiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
In patient cancer treatment e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapyFull refund
  • In-patient and day-patient radiotherapy and chemotherapy charges in full
  • Consultant oncologists fees in full including treatment when received in a listed or approved hospital

Out-patient treatment
Consultation before a hospital stayFull refund
  • Expenses for specialist consultations and diagnostic procedures such as pathology and radiology
  • Physicians' fees and specialist consultations available to both in-patient and day care treatment patients
  • Diagnostic tests such as pathology and radiology fully covered
Out patient physiotherapyFull refund
  • In-patient, day-patient physiotherapy fees in full
  • Out-patient physiotherapy fees fully refunded when referred by a Specialist or GP unless otherwise stated herein
  • GP only, referral is limited to 10 sessions per annum for out-patient treatment only
Out patient radiotherapy/ chemotherapyFull refund
  • Out-patient radiotherapy and chemotherapy charges as part of a diagnosed treatment
  • Diagnostic procedures which include pathology, radiology, CT and MRI scans
Out patient psychiatric treatmentAnnual limit: £750
  • Specialist consultations and diagnostic procedures for psychiatric and mental conditions
  • Treatment in respect of specialist consultations, ECT, diagnostic procedures including pathology and radiology
  • Benefits apply to each insured member per year and is the maximum cover under the scheme

Additional benefits
Minor surgery by a GPFull refund
  • Up to a maximum of £70 for each procedure will be paid for minor surgery performed by your GP
  • Surgery undertaken at a specialists' consulting rooms or your local GP
HospiceAnnual limit: £700
  • A daily contribution of £70 will be made to the hospice for care and for a maximum of 10 days
Parent accommodation if child needs an overnight stayFull refund
  • The hospital's charges where it is medically necessary for a parent to accompany a child under 14 in hospital
Private AmbulanceFull refund
  • Private ambulance where medically necessary during the course of treatment
Post discharge home nursingFull refund
  • If it is necessary to replace hospital nursing
  • If it immediately follows in-patient treatment covered by the policy
  • If it is prescribed by a specialist for medical reasons (not domestic reasons)
  • If it is under the direction of a specialist
  • If it is performed by a qualified nurse
Cash benefit if treated by the NHSAnnual limit: £10,000
  • Cash benefit when you are treated in a public ward under the NHS (and not as a private patient)
  • These benefits are paid for overnight stays and when you are a day care patient
  • Policy gives you the choice between going private or receiving substantial money back payment for eligible treatment under the NHS
  • Children under 18 years of age will receive money back payments for NHS treatment at half the adult daily entitlement
  • Treatment elected under the NHS instead of Private will receive £250 for every night spent in hospital. Remuneration for day patients £250 for each treatment
Maternity benefitFull refund
  • Complications of pregnancy cover only - available after 10 month membership
  • Obstetric procedures listed in the policy booklet
Free medical help lineFull refund
  • A 24 hour advice and help line manned 365 days a year. Calls answered by qualified Doctors. Unlimited access
  • Helpline offers guaranteed access to a GP who will answer questions and offer medical advice over the phone
Cover available for existing conditions 
  • Any Pre-existing Condition is any medical condition which an insured person has received from the following list:
  • 1. Treatment from any source
  • 2. Medication or medical advice from any source
  • 3. Was aware of or has had symptoms during the five years prior to commencement date
  • Cover for many stable pre-exisiting conditions may be available following medical underwriting and subject to additional subsciption payment
  • Treatment of pre-existing conditions are not covered unless full employee details are given at time of joining and we agree to cover them
  • Depending on the size and profile of your group, there are a number of underwriting/ acceptance options available to you
  • Continuing medical exclusions can be chosen if your company is transferring from an existing underwritten medical plan
  • Medical History Disregared is available for groups with 20 or more employees, and thus may any enable pre-existing conditions to be covered providing they fall within the terms of the plan
Specialist consultations and diagnostics such as pathology and radiologyFull refund
  • Full cover in-patient and day-patient treatment
  • Full cover for out-patient treatment when recommended by a specialist
  • Unique cover benefit. Provision of up to 150 cover per person per policy year for consultations for Non-acute conditions
Consultations for acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and homeopathyAnnual limit: 10 sessions
  • Policy limit quoted applies to all alternative medicines included within the policy
  • Referal by a GP for out-patient treatment including osteopathy, chiropractic, and physiotherapy is limited to 10 sessions per year in total
OsteopathAnnual limit: 10 sessions
  • Upon referral by a GP out-patient treatment including osteopathy, chiropractic, and physiotherapy limited to 10 sessions per year in total
  • Upon referral by a Specialist (not GP), out-patient is fully covered
ChiropractorAnnual limit: 10 sessions
  • Upon referral by a GP out-patient treatment including chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy limited to 10 sessions per year in total
  • Upon referral by a Specialist (not GP), out-patient treatment is fully covered
  • Children are covered providing they remain un-married
  • Children may remain on policy until they are 24 (if they are in full time education) and will remain covered until the next annual policy review date
  • Single premium of eldest child under the age of 20 covers all younger children named on the policy
Overall Policy Limit 
  • No overall limit to claims except where particular benefits have maximum levels applied
  • Travellers Care (world wide travel insurance) - optional extra
  • Optional increase for psychiatric cover.Your plan can provide up to £10,000 of combined cover for in-patient, day-patient and out-patient psychiatric treatment
  • Pre-authorisation for treatment by phone (ClaimCall). A detailed confirmation letter will be sent within 24 hours for your use in consultations with specialists

Please note: even when expressed as a full refund, all costs must be necessarily incurred and benefit will be paid in accordance with the reasonable and customary fees for the treatment received.

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