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Policy Details for Exeter Healthcare: Exeter Care Low Cost Plan

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Exeter Care Low Cost Plan

This page contains a list of the features of the Exeter Care Low Cost Plan policy from Exeter Healthcare.

No age related premium increases after your first year's membership.

Key benefits available to you Notes on Benefits

Hospital Charges Full Refund *
up to 70 nights/
days per year
Include accommodation, nursing, theatre fees and consumables, surgical drugs and dressing, diagnostic procedures, body scans, physiotherapy, pathology and eligible prosthesis for treatment at a hospital within the level selected from the Hospital Choice List.
Specialist Services Full Refund* Surgeon's, anaesthetist's and physician's fees for in-patient or day-patient treatment.
Out of Band Benefit £200 per
When: (1) Members with Level 2 cover are treated in Level 1 hospital; (2) the hospital is not included on the Hospital Choice List; or (3) treatment is received outside the United Kingdom; this is the daily benefit payable in respect of all hospital charges as defined above.

Consultation with a Specialist and Diagnostic Tests £275 per yearWhen related to in-patient or day patient treatment.

Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy £10,000 per yearFor specialist and/or hospital charges (when undertaken within your chosen level).
Minor Surgical Procedures £250 per yearWhen undertaken at the Specialist's consulting rooms.
Hospital Cash Benefit £100 per night Up to a maximium £2000
Hospice donation £250 per yearPaid as a donation to the hospice (irrespective of length of stay) if the patient required admission for care.
Cover Abroad £5,000 per yearBenefit is available when temporarily abroad (excluding USA/Bahamas) on holiday or business trips. Your usual entitlement to benefit applies but hospital charges are restricted to the Out of Band Benefit limit.

Please Note: Even when expressed as a full refund, all costs must be necessarily incurred and benefit will be paid in accordance with the reasonable and customary fees for the treatment received.

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