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It's good to smile - a fresh, healthy mouth is one of your most important assets.

With modern dentistry and regular monitoring, there is no reason why your teeth should not serve you a lifetime.

However, whilst regular check-ups and minor treatment are relatively inexpensive, the cost of emergency treatment following internal or external impact, and the cost of crowns, root treatment, bridges and fillings can be exhorbitant.

With Dental Care organised by Universal Provident you can be secure in the knowledge that unexpected damage to your own or your family's teeth will be financed.

With modern dentistry and regular monitoring, there is no reason why your teeth should not serve you a lifetime.

Dental Care is a completely new and radical approach to dental insurance. Having discerned that a significant proportion of the cost incurred by insurers results from a large number of very small claims, such as those for routine check-ups or replacement fillings, we reasoned that many people would be prepared to bear these relatively insignificant costs themselvesm in order to keep their premiums down. By excluding cover for the routine, we have been able to keep charges low whilst providing comprehensive cover when really needed.

Note: Dental Care is only available to UK residents.

How it works

Dental Care provides two types of cover - emergency and non-emergency. Upon acceptance of your application form, cover will be provided for up to £5,000 of emergency treatment required as a result of either external or internal impact.

Non-emergency treatment will only be provided once a Managed Dental Care Certificate of Dental Health has been completed. This requires that plan members undergo all necessary treatment, to achieve full dental health prior to commencement of cover. Upon receipt and acceptance of this certificate, Dental Care will provide protection for both emergency and non-emergency treatment listed in our Schedule of Benefits.

Help us to help you

When you join Dental care you will be asked to nominate the dentist whom you wish to provide your dental treatment. You will be required to consult that dentist (or such other dentist who may be approved by us in writing) for a regular dental check at not less than twelve monthly intervals and to undergo any treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health.

Direct settlement

Dental Care settlements are made direct to yourself. Certain treatments require pre-authorisation from our Claims Help Line, prior to you receiving treatment. This enables us to ensure that you are not being overcharged.


Enrolling with Dental Care could not be easier. Simply complete the application form, giving your age, address and any dependents to be included in the scheme.


Single Parent Family£10.80£120.58

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What is covered with Dental Care?

 Maximum benefit payable
Total amount of benefit payable to each insured person during each benefit year relating to emergency treatment£5,000
Total amount of benefit payable to each insured person during each benefit year relating to non-emergency treatment£1,000
New crown (excluding laboratory fees)£150 per tooth (maximum of 2 teeth per benefit year)
New bridge work£150 per tooth (maximum of 3 teeth per benefit year)
Root treatment£40 per canal (maximum of 3 teeth per benefit year)
New fillings£15 per filling (maximum of 2 teeth per benefit year)
Tooth wear*£250
Extraction£75 per tooth
Apicectomy£50 per tooth
New dentures£100 per tooth(maximum of 2 teeth per benefit year)
Impacted wisdom tooth extraction*£125 per tooth(after 2 years of membership)
* Treatment requires pre-authorisation
Notes: treatment for implants and tooth wear and any treatment where the cost is estimated to exceed £500 must be pre-authorised.

What is not covered?

In common with many similar policies, certain risks are excluded to contain premium costs. The main exclusions are as follows:

* Dental conditions which existed prior to joining will not be covered until you remain free from treatment and advice for a continuous period of two years. For a full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy document.

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